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BrokerFlow helps you find new clients fast and easy! Our lead generation tools help you spot great leads quickly, and a CRM is built right in to keep everything organized and simple.

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What lead generation methods will supercharge freight brokers in 2024? Download your free copy and also receive our 3 major inbound funnel templates so you can be ahead of the game!

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Challenging the Status Quo

While most TMS platforms are focused on solving symptoms, not problems and then charging as much as possible... we're challenging that!

We've worked with dozens of freight brokers to identify the real problems and built features that we believe will be the solution.

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In-Platform Prospecting

BrokerFlow's integrated prospecting tools, in harmony with a robust, built-in CRM, streamline lead generation and customer management for unparalleled efficiency.

Email Outreach

Replace cold calls with automated, personalized email campaigns, backed by templates and analytics for targeted and efficient outreach.

AI Automation

AI-driven automation of repetitive TMS tasks increases efficiency and minimizes manual errors, featuring customizable workflows and error reduction algorithms.

Real-Time Data

Offering up-to-the-minute freight, market, and customer behavior data, BrokerFlow ensures decisions are based on current insights with real-time analytics and trend analysis.

Unified Communications

Unified communication platform to streamline interactions between shippers, carriers, and brokers, featuring integrated tools, messaging systems, and collaborative capabilities.


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At AizenFlow, we provide AI-driven SaaS solutions to help you get the most out of your brokerage business. Our pricing plans offer a range of features to suit any budget and needs. Plus, you can get a no-hassle demo to see if it's right for you.

What makes your TMS different?

Our TMS harnesses AI-powered insights, allowing you to master market uncertainties and equipping your team with tools to turn challenges into momentum.

How does AI integration benefit my brokerage operations?

The AI integration offers predictive analytics, real-time load matching, and market trend analysis, ensuring you stay ahead of shifts in the industry and maximize your operational efficiency.

Is the system user-friendly for those new to AI technology?

Absolutely. Our TMS is designed for intuitive use, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with AI can leverage its full capabilities without a steep learning curve.

How does this TMS help in improving team performance?

By providing real-time insights and automating administrative tasks, your team can focus on strategic decision-making and customer relationships, driving unparalleled performance and growth.

Is there a support system in place for implementation and troubleshooting?

Yes, we offer comprehensive support during implementation and post-deployment. Our dedicated team is always on hand to assist with any challenges, ensuring smooth operations at all times.

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