2 million US-Mex freight contacts—so you can build your book of business 

Access our weekly updated database of shippers, maquilas, and carriers along the southern border.

Accurate Data
Easy Learning Curve

Locating freight contacts used to be fragmented. We streamlined the process.

Less effort. Less time wasted. Less money spent on multiple softwares

Unlock premium shipper leads

Tired of chasing cold leads that go nowhere? This wastes your time and hampers business growth. Every moment on a dead-end lead is a lost opportunity. AizenFlow connects you with premium leads, focusing your efforts on high-potential contacts, accelerating your growth and maximizing returns.

This all means nothing without the right carrier partners... we've got you covered below.

“The amount of carrier details on the platform is extensive enough that we were able to cancel our account with Highway. Great for small-medium 3PLs.”

Feature Review

George V. (Freight Broker)

<span>Unlock premium shipper leads</span>

Build the perfect carrier network

Searching for the right logistics partners can be daunting, leading to delays and lost cargo. Missteps are costly in money and trust. AizenFlow’s AI semantic search matches you with partners that meet your specific needs, ensuring smooth and reliable operations. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to efficient partnerships.

You've now got shipper and carrier contacts... but this means nothing if they're outdated. We've got you covered with this as well (keep scrolling).

“...convienent way to search through hundreds of thousands of companies and contacts.”

Feature Review

Lindsey H. (Dispatcher)

<span>Build the perfect carrier network</span>

Contacts updated weekly

Stale contact information leads to failed connections and missed opportunities. The logistics industry moves fast, and outdated data is ineffective. AizenFlow refreshes its contact database weekly, providing the most current information. This keeps you ahead, making informed decisions and maintaining a competitive edge with fresh, actionable leads.

Shippers = ✅. Carriers = ✅. Updated Data = ✅. You're ready to scale to new heights!

“This is awesome! Great to be able to cancel multiple software expenses and save 10+ hours doing due diligence.”

Feature Review

Richard B. (Logistics Manager)

<span>Contacts updated weekly</span>

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

Why are prices so low?

Since, we are still testing and launching features, we are offering early new users early-bird pricing at $20/mo or $200/yr. We're locking that rate in for those users for 12 months as a thank you.

However, as we continue to get closer to launching the full product on Sept. 1, 2024, the price will incrementally increase until we reach our official pricing of $100/mo and $1,000/yr. Get it now while you can and lock in the lower rate!

What makes AizenFlow different from other platforms?

AizenFlow combines updated contact databases, smart search, compliance updates, and integrated communication tools in one platform. No more having to spend hundred or thousands on multiple tools.

How often are the contact and compliance updates made?

Our database and compliance information are updated weekly to ensure you have the most current data.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, we offer a 3-day free trial for new monthly users and 7-day free trial for new annual users to experience the benefits of AizenFlow.

What kind of support is available?

We offer 24/7 customer support, along with free training sessions and access to our knowledge base.

Can I integrate AizenFlow with my existing systems?

AizenFlow is designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing freight management systems. This feature will be available soon for users.

How does AizenFlow improve communication?

Our platform integrates email, SMS, and WhatsApp communication tools, ensuring all your communications are in one place for better efficiency and client satisfaction. These features are currently being developed and tested and will be made available to users soon.

Build your book of business.